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The Battleground Baddies: CJ Stam, Travis Wilburn & Julie Byrd Weigh in on New Innovations in VR Technology

Get the inside scoop on the latest vacation rental technology trends! Alex & Annie are joined by DARM Battleground Baddies: Travis Wilburn, CJ Stam, and Julie Byrd to break down the groundbreaking innovations from this year's Battleground of Technology Providers. Learn why Key Data's data-driven tools were the clear winner and how AI is changing how properties are booked.

The Ultimate Guide to Once-in-a-Lifetime Family Vacations: Embrace Your Vacation Time

Picture this: crystal-clear waters, breathtaking mountain landscapes, and the joy of creating lifelong memories with your loved ones. Once-in-a-lifetime family vacations are not just about the destination; they're about the unique experiences, bonding, and adventure that you'll treasure forever. In this blog post, we'll explore why these vacations are so important, how to plan one, and highlight some extraordinary destinations, including Kauai, The Big Island, Jackson Hole, Vail Valley, Turks and Caicos, and Huatulco, where you can make these dreams a reality.

ThirdHome Now Featuring Our Collections

ThirdHome is an exclusive, members-only community offering a global home exchange service, specializing in luxury properties. This week they announced a newly formed partnership with The 100 Collection.

5 Inspiring Concierge Services for Vacation Rentals

If you feel like your guests lately have higher expectations than ever before, you’re not alone. More vacation rental managers are sharing about how visitors are bringing more than luggage with them these days. They are bringing expectations of getting hotel-like amenities with their stay – from an on-call concierge to mid-stay cleaning.

10 Best Ski Destinations for Experts to Shred Some Serious Powder

If you’re an expert skier or rider, there’s no doubt you have your tried and true favorite mountains. But if you really want to hone your skills and challenge yourself, you’ll need to experiment on some new terrain. When you want that adrenaline rush, gentle slopes and bunny hills aren’t going to cut it.

Takeaways from the 2023 VRMA International Conference

Whew! Did anyone else attend the 2009 VRMA conference in Washington DC?That was my first industry conference, and as I’ve reflected 💡 on the 2023 conference over the last couple of days I can’t help but be struck by how much the industry/these events have changed since then yet so many things have stayed the same. While the size and scope 📈 of this long-standing annual event has changed drastically over the years, what has not changed is the commitment VRMs have to delivering great guest experiences 🍍 and providing high quality property care 🏡 and optimized returns 💸 for homeowners.

100 Percent Invested in Gold Standards

On today’s episode, we sit down with Rebecca Lombardo and Travis Wilburn, Co-Founders at Blue Cedar Partners.

Aiming For The Stars – The 100 Collection with Travis Wilburn and Rebecca Lombardo

We had a great time on the 'Vacation Rental Formula' Podcast.

Press Release Issued by The 100 Collection Announcing Beachball Properties VRM of the Year


Virginia Living Magazine Recognizes the One Hundred Collection

Virginia Living Magazine discusses a better way to vet vacation rentals in their article titled 'Stamp of Approval'.

Short Term Rentalz 2022 VRMA International Conference Interviews: The 100 Collection

US: Speaking to STRz at the 2022 VRMA International Conference in Las Vegas, Travis Wilburn and Rebecca Lombardo discuss why they launched The 100 Collection, while Hunter and Ginger Harrelson from Beachball Properties gave their reasoning for joining the Collection and what their VRMA award means for vetting in the short-term rental industry.

Watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwb-akEmd5o

WINA News Radio Interviews Local Business Owner of Stay Charlottesville

Stay Charlottesville co-founder Travis Wilburn discusses The 100 Collection, a new brand he’s co-founded to promote top independent vacation rentals across the country

Three Problems in the Vacation Rental Industry (and how The 100 Collection solves them)

In this article by Rebecca Lombardo, Co-Founder at The One Hundred Collection, she outlines how The 100 Collection found that vacation rental managers across the country are facing the same core set of problems regardless of size or location.

Building Communities to win the Vacation Rental Culture War

Description: In this episode, we're joined by Rebecca Lombardo and Travis Wilburn: cofounders of The 100 Collection ⭐️ Links & Show Notes Adam Norko Scott Fasano Rebecca Lombardo Travis Wilburn The 100 Collection Stay Charlottesville 🔗 Connect With Travel Advantage Network RevBoost Collective Partner With TAN 🏠

Hospitality FM Podcast Interviews Co-Founders about The 100 Collection

Repost from LinkedIn: Wil Slickers, Founder of Amplified Audio, Co-Founder & CHO at Recreation Rentals2d

A Collection of the Best Properties from Trusted Vacation Rental Brands Setting the Gold Standard for Hospitality.

Press Release Issued by The 100 Collection Announcing Launch

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The 100 Collection™, a collaborative, validating peer- vetting program for vacation rental properties announced its launch today in North America. The visionary move is a response to a global shift in the vacation rental industry and provides innovative solutions to owners and guests alike. Connecting leading vacation rental management properties, people and processes, The 100 Collection™ addresses the guest satisfaction crisis of the largely unregulated short-term rental industry in a post pandemic marketplace. The entire collection of brands, doyennes, and destinations in The 100 Collection™ can be accessed at http://www.theonehundredcollection.com.

Four Seasonal Questions Vacation Rental Managers Should Ask Themselves

Vacation rental managers! Depending on the seasonality of your destination, this slower time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be incredibly valuable. These next few weeks are a great opportunity to evaluate, strategize, and organize! Here are a few ideas:

1. Is your tech stack working for you, or are you working too hard with your existing tech? Look, there will never be that "perfect" tech stack that requires zero intervention or involvement on your part. However, if one of your systems is giving you grief, now is a good time to shop around and see what else is out there. More than likely there is another option that will eliminate your pain points. Often the fear of switching systems is worse than the actual switch, so changing an element of your tech stack probably won't be as bad as you're imagining!

2. Are you driving off-season occupancy and revenue? The off-season is a great opportunity to drive incremental revenue. Are your rates attractive enough to convert off-season demand? Evaluate your floor rate for each of your properties. Don't know what the floor rate is? Floor rate = you'd rather the property sit empty than drop below $X/night.

3. 📈 How does your 2023 marketing plan look? Is this something you are tasked with, or someone else on your team? Set a meeting to review what's in the plan and on the calendar, and familiarize yourself with when different campaigns are going out. Bonus points if you're including homeowner acquisition efforts in your marketing plan. Bonus bonus points if you're also reviewing your 2022 marketing plan and the results of your various campaigns. Are you iterating on what worked/didn't work this year?

4. Do you know your % of direct bookings and are you working on growing it? Arguably, this could be a sub-bullet of the above, but this is subject matter that I feel very strongly about While I believe you should have a solid distribution strategy, I also believe that if some of the giant OTAs (not naming names) went away tomorrow that many vacation rental managers simply would not have a business. Brainstorm what you can do to increase your guest bookings, grow your guest email list, and ultimately hopefully reduce your cost of acquisition while growing the lifetime value of your guests?

Setting a Gold Standard - why it's important in your business

Welcome to today's episode where we dive deep into the heart of a paramount question: How can your business cultivate a Gold Standard of Hospitality synonymous with trust? 🏨

From 0 to 100 Real Quick: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Alex & Annie Podcast with The 100 Collection

In this very special anniversary episode, Alex & Annie are joined by Travis Wilburn and Rebecca Lombardo - Co-Founders of The 100 Collection. The 100 Collection is a prestigious evaluation program that recognises exceptional vacation rentals managed by industry-leading companies committed to excellence in hospitality across a multitude of destinations. Travis and Rebecca are huge believers in the value that local brands bring to the vacation rental space and the importance of a “Doyen/Doyenne” - meaning the most well respected and knowledgeable person in their particular space - as the term relates to the absolute best local vacation rental manager. Their approach to adding new members to The 100 Collection is centered around finding the local Doyen/Doyenne. During this evaluation process, the highest esteemed and most trusted local hosts are curated and often unbeknownst to them enter a research and evaluation process to potentially become part of The 100 Collection. The 100 Collection is going live mid-July - so their guest-facing launch is right around the corner! We highly suggest you follow their journey and take the lessons discussed in this episode to heart when building your vacation rental brand.

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