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About Us

The 100 Collection(TM) is an independent evaluation program that awards a distinguished imprint to the top vacation rentals. These vacation rentals must be managed by companies setting the gold standard for hospitality excellence based on quality, cleanliness and safety.

Our evaluation program was established by a peer-to-peer network of respected leaders in the vacation rental industry. In an effort to bring consistency and accountability for the guest experience, we began an award system that acknowledges top tier brands in each destination.

We also hope to increase awareness among vacation rental guests that there are professionals behind these brands who make it their full-time job to ensure they:

  • Meet or exceed 100% of their guests' expectations
  • Fulfill 100% of our standards for hospitality excellence
  • Are best representing their community 100% of the time

Our goal is to make sure the vacation rental brands we are introducing you to on this site will meet or exceed your expectations. The more you stay with them, the more you’ll realize there is a personal dedication to the level of service and quality in this collection, regardless of your destination.


The people behind the brands in the collection are trusted local leaders in their community. They not only have strong relationships with other local business owners, but they also care for their neighbors.

In fact, they've been known to personally help rebuild after hurricanes, provide supplies after fires and have even received awards for their philanthropic efforts.

This is why we refer to them as doyens and doyennes -- because they are the trusted experts who know and love the destination they call home.

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The 100 Collection imprint is awarded to select vacation rental properties demonstrating the highest standards of excellence in hospitality who follow this process:

1. Must be a locally owned / operated vacation rental company in good standing within their community may submit an application to Blue Cedar Partners.

2. The application will be reviewed using standards set by our Advisory Board, which is a group of award-winning company owners, respected veterans of the industry, and accomplished hospitality leaders.

3. Approved companies submit a hand-curated selection of their top properties for review. Each property undergoes a thorough vetting process for safety, cleanliness and quality.

Only the properties that best represent the local experience for their destination will be able to display the imprint for The 100 Collection.


All of the properties that are part of The 100 Collection have passed the same quality, cleanliness and safety criteria - so guests can experience consistency from one destination to the next. The brands caring for these properties ensure that guests feel the personalized touch during their stay.

Properties in the collection are in locations that best represent the full experience of that destination. Standards such as king size pillows for king sized beds and carbon monoxide detectors in homes with gas are a mandatory requirement. The property descriptions have also been verified for consistency with how the property represents in real life.

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Meet the Co-Founders
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Travis Wilburn

Travis Wilburn builds and runs companies in travel and hospitality. His working knowledge spans every level of his organizations, from operations to business development, to maintenance. Often referred to as “the mayor of C’ville”, Travis worked to restore a sense of community and togetherness by launching Charlottesville Insider, which functions as a visitors’ bureau and destination marketing organization all in one.

Some of the businesses he oversees include:

Stay Charlottesville

Vacation Rentals and Boutique Hotels

Rockfish Ranch

Exclusive Retreat for Events & Lodging

Old Metropolitan Hall

Private Event Space

Monticello Wine Tour & Coach Co.

Luxury Tours

Charlottesville Insider

Inside Charlottesville’s Unique Offerings

VA Pedal Co

Pedicab Tour Company
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Rebecca Lombardo

As a strategic marketing executive with more than 14 years of experience beyond her 7 years of editorial experience. She brings a wealth of knowledge in branding, digital marketing and travel content. She was a featured travel writer for Huffington Post, Orlando Magazine, Yahoo Travel, and a variety of WHERE local travel publications.

In addition, she holds a Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Rollins College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Point Loma Nazarene University. Rebecca built the largest services division within a SaaS company that sold for a half billion dollars in 2014. She has also been a consultant for several Fortune 100 companies.

Some of the businesses she has worked with include:


Social Media Conversations Management


Celebrity Campaigns Analytics Reporting

The Kraft Heinz Company

Brand Management Consultant, Social Media

Jockey International

Branding Consultant, Social Media

Jackson Hewitt

Social Media Marketing Analytics

Bloomberg BNA

Marketing & Sales Agency Support
Our Brands
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The 100 Collection is an independent evaluation program that awards a distinguished imprint to the top vacation rentals. These vacation rentals must be managed by companies setting the gold standard for hospitality excellence based on quality, cleanliness and safety.

The certification offered through The 100 Collection ensures that vacationers receive a level of bespoke care and service that one might expect in a luxury hotel, driven by personal integrity and individualized hospitality. Properties are peer-vetted by Doyennes with deep hospitality knowledge and passion through a proven system of hospitality standards.

The idea was born of a need to find and book vacation rental properties across the U.S. based on the company managing them, and not simply on price and availability. Then the pandemic brought to light a host of other needs. The original idea grew to include a comprehensive vetting process so that only the best properties would be considered for inclusion, and only if they were managed by local professionals. This allows the guest to book with confidence knowing they are trusting their vacation experience to those who operate with integrity and the highest levels of hospitality excellence.

Doyennes are leaders of the vacation rental hospitality segment. In short, they are local leaders of their communities with a personal penchant for showcasing the unique places where they live. They bring a higher standard of service to the vacation rental space by providing a personalized experience for their guests based years of hospitality knowledge and expertise.

If you have a product or service that would be of interest to vacation rental guests, companies or homeowners, either locally or nationally, please reach out to us for more information.

  • Trust and Ease – All of the companies on our site employ full-time, on-site staff to care for the properties in the collection, and the guests who stay with them. When you book directly with a vacation rental company you have direct access to the local professionals who are there to make sure you have a great stay.
  • Ethos and Mindset – These Doyennes offer a deep hospitality knowledge and personal connection to their communities. They love where they live and want their guests to love it as well.
  • Inclusiveness and Access – Get informed suggestions on everything from the best restaurant to the hidden gems. These brands offer an authenticity of local experiences that cannot be matched.

  • The vacation rental company must be respected within the industry, as well have local ownership/operators. They must also adhere to a collectively agreed upon set of quality, cleanliness and safety standards.
  • Each company invited to participate in The 100 Collection hand picks their top properties to be considered based on location and representation of the destination. Each property is then vetted through a collectively agreed upon set of standards created by leaders within the industry.

  • A global pandemic brought the cottage industry of vacation rentals into the spotlight as families sought to gather outside their home but away from others.
  • There is no trusted resource for finding a vacation rental that is managed by a professional company which adheres to quality, cleanliness and safety standards.
  • There are no universal industry criteria for safety and cleanliness. By forming this collection, we've begun to unite independently owned companies under the same umbrella of standards.
  • Local doyens are dwindling in number. Fewer and fewer vacation rental companies are locally owned/operated. Since the owner/operator is the driving force behind the overall guest experience, we believe the opportunity to experience this type of hospitality is a rare find that should be shared.

Only properties managed by professional vacation rental companies may be considered for inclusion in The 100 Collection. If your property is not professionally managed, you can be connected with one of our local, trusted experts for further consideration.

To be considered as a trusted Doyenne within The 100 Collection, please fill out this form and provide us with the best and most authentic photography, drone footage or videography for your property. We want to know what you know about your community and what makes your destination truly unique and special.