Hospitality FM Podcast Interviews Co-Founders about The 100 Collection

Repost from LinkedIn: Wil Slickers, Founder of Amplified Audio, Co-Founder & CHO at Recreation Rentals2d

A Collection of the Best Properties from Trusted Vacation Rental Brands Setting the Gold Standard for Hospitality.

The statement above couldn't be more like music to my ears! This weeks episode, I sat down with Travis Wilburn and Rebecca Lombardo to discuss what it takes to form this "umbrella brand" for the vacation rental industry of well represented vacation rental management companies that set the best and highest standards for operators to follow. If you were at VRMA then you probably saw the really cool The 100 Collection™ hats on some pretty awesome people in our industry.

Take note! Also, special shoutouts in this episode to Justin Ford (Breezeway), Marcus Ljungblad (Minut), and Dennis Goedheid (Casiola vacation homes) - you're all doing incredible things in this industry and it doesn't go unnoticed!

Listen to the full interview here: