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From 0 to 100 Real Quick: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Alex & Annie Podcast with The 100 Collection

From 0 to 100 Real Quick: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Alex & Annie Podcast with The 100 Collection

In this very special anniversary episode, Alex & Annie are joined by Travis Wilburn and Rebecca Lombardo - Co-Founders of The 100 Collection. The 100 Collection is a prestigious evaluation program that recognises exceptional vacation rentals managed by industry-leading companies committed to excellence in hospitality across a multitude of destinations. Travis and Rebecca are huge believers in the value that local brands bring to the vacation rental space and the importance of a “Doyen/Doyenne” - meaning the most well respected and knowledgeable person in their particular space - as the term relates to the absolute best local vacation rental manager. Their approach to adding new members to The 100 Collection is centered around finding the local Doyen/Doyenne. During this evaluation process, the highest esteemed and most trusted local hosts are curated and often unbeknownst to them enter a research and evaluation process to potentially become part of The 100 Collection. The 100 Collection is going live mid-July - so their guest-facing launch is right around the corner! We highly suggest you follow their journey and take the lessons discussed in this episode to heart when building your vacation rental brand.


00:00 - Welcome to Episode 100! 00:50 - How Today’s Guests Started The 100 Collection 02:25 - What is The 100 Collection? 04:22 - The Meaning of “Doyen” 06:43 - How The 100 Collection Evaluates New Members 09:15 - The Importance of a Professional Vacation Rental Host 11:47 - How They Find a Doyen/Doyenne 15:40 - Current 100 Collection Portfolio 18:15 - The Value of The 100 Collection Brand & More On Their Evaluation Process 22:43 - How Customers Make Buying Choices & How To Develop a Trustworthy Brand 25:50 - When The 100 Collection is Going Live and Their Marketing Strategy 31:17 - What’s Next for The 100 Collection 34:43 - The 100 Collection Potentially Collaborating with VRMA 35:58 - The Story of The 100 Collection Brand 39:20 - A BIG Thank You to Our Fans!! This episode is brought to you by Casago, Guest Ranger, and Good Neighbor Tech. Visit AlexAndAnniesList.com to view our top picks for the best suppliers in vacation rental technology and services. Special thanks to Rev & Research for being the presenting sponsor of Alex & Annie’s List.



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