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100 Percent Invested in Gold Standards

100 Percent Invested in Gold Standards

On today’s episode, we sit down with Rebecca Lombardo and Travis Wilburn, Co-Founders at Blue Cedar Partners.

We all know how COVID impacted our industry and forever changed the way property managers manage their short-term rentals. The last couple of years had Travis thinking about how to bring BRAND into the picture giving the community a way to compete with the giant players in vacation rentals.

Rebecca and Travis’s introduction to one another is unlike any other story we’ve ever heard in that Dave Matthews was a factor, if not the main reason they decided to join forces.

Their alignment manifested The 100 Collection giving independent property managers that meet Gold Standards a way to shine and differentiate themselves.

Branding, marketing, and trust all come into factor making The 100 Collection a refreshing and unique endeavor.

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