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Orange Beach is located near Gulf Shores, AL and is known as the “warmest water sports hub” of the South due to its temperatures and the friendliness of its locals. The Gulf of Mexico is warm enough to swim just about year round and the restaurants and events will keep you busy during your entire stay. Just don’t forget to make arrangements for a fishing trip, as the area is known for its legendary snapper.

Beachball Properties

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The 100 Collection of Beachball Properties

Ginger and Hunter’s incredible collection features oceanfront condos and private luxury homes with breathtaking ocean views, easy access to the beach, and endless resort amenities.

Beachball Vacation Rental with pool
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Services Offered
  • Linens provided
  • 24-hour phone support
  • Restaurant & Activity recommendations
Services Available
  • Jeep rentals
  • Golf Cart rentals
  • Boat rentals
  • Baby equipment/supplies
  • Recommendations for beach furniture rentals
Doyen of Beachball Properties
Favorite Restaurants
Big Fish, Voyagers, and Fishers
Favorite Bar
Choppers, Florabama
Favorite Brewery
Big Beach Brewery
Favorite Shops
Utopia at Wharf, Archipelago, Seaside Shoes and Swim
Best Place to Relax
The Gulf (find the lounger chairs) or The Serenity at Fort Morgan

When you hear about everything that Hunter and Ginger are doing, you have to sit back and say “Wow.” They are not only consummate professionals with an award-winning business, but they are also very charitable givers and great parents to boot. When they decided to go “all in” on taking over a 20 property vacation rental company in Orange Beach, AL, they put everything on the line and never looked back. Today they are Gulf Coast media’s Vacation Rental Company of the Year.