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Vacation Rental Back Deck and Dining Area

Welcome to the 100 Collection

We are proud to present a Best-in-Class directory of Vacation Rental brands -- the only site listing curated properties managed by companies committed to the highest levels of hospitality excellence.

Guests can choose any of The 100 Collection properties and experience consistency from one destination to the next, regardless of which company they choose to book with directly.

The 100 Collection is an independent evaluation program that recognizes vacation rentals meeting or exceeding our quality, cleanliness and safety standards.

By applying The 100 Collection imprint to their hand-curated collections, these professionally managed companies are promising to deliver the best vacation rental experience through the leadership of their doyens and doyennes.

Our Doyennes
Adam & Hannah Farr
Ascend Properties
Beverly Serral
BESTNEST by Beverly Serral Vacation Rentals
Hunter + Ginger Harrelson
Beachball Properties

Why leave your vacation rental experience to chance? Professional vacation rental brands provide more than letting you book a room, or even an entire house. They provide a bespoke and authentic local experience, which is a personal reflection of their leadership. This is why we refer to them as doyennes. Learn more about them on our Destinations pages.


/doiˈ(y)en/ | noun
a woman who is the most respected or prominent person in a field


/doiˈ(y)en,ˈdôyən/ | noun
the most respected or prominent person in a field

Brands with Properties in The 100 Collection

We invited the top vacation rental companies to curate their best properties for inclusion in the collection. Each brand featured on our site offers the same high-quality experience in its own unique, local way.

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Your Vacation Rental Destination
Ascend Properties
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Ascend Properties
Escape to Big Sky
BESTNEST by Beverly Serral Vacation Rentals
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BESTNEST by Beverly Serral Vacation Rentals
Consistently amazing vacation rentals
Beachball Properties
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Beachball Properties
Have a ball at the beach!


Travel with ….confidence, cleanliness, consistency.
Without losing….curation, customization, curiosity.


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If you would like to have your property listed with us, please fill out the Homeowner form on our Join Us page. Note that only professionally managed vacation rental properties meeting or exceeding our standards of excellence will be considered. If your property is not professionally managed, you can be connected with one of our local, trusted experts for further consideration.