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Aerial view of Beach in 30A Florida

Your Guide to the Best 30A Communities

Published: May 9, 2024

If you’re craving a sunny Florida vacation but don’t feel like dealing with the congested streets of Miami or the never ending theme park lines of Orlando, your best option is 30A and its distinct communities.

An intentionally-curated string of small beachside communities located off Scenic Route 30A (between Panama City and Destin), 30A allows you to explore the beauty of coastal Florida at your own pace.

Each 30A community has its own feel and unique culture, though all of them have a few things in common: gorgeous beaches, great food, proximity to untouched nature, and delightful downtown shopping.

The 100 Collection is proud to partner with ELP Luxury Vacations, a curated selection of well-appointed vacation houses sprinkled throughout the 30A communities.

Think: great locations, private luxury pools, effortless beach access, updated kitchens, and plenty of space for family and friends to reconnect. Because ELP’s 30A rentals sleep between 14 and 35 people, they are ideal for planning group trips, bachelor/ette parties, destination weddings, and family reunions.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the 30A communities before, here’s a detailed breakdown of what makes each one special.

1. Rosemary Beach

Aerial View of Rosemary Beach 30A Florida

If nothing makes you and your loved ones happier than an iced latte and a sunny stroll around town, you’re going to love Rosemary Beach.

Known for its distinct architecture, thoughtful urban planning, and intentional walkability, Rosemary Beach is a perfect fit for anyone who would rather lace up their sneakers than hop in a car.

2. Inlet Beach

If your previous Florida experiences have led you into crowded environments (perhaps congested beaches or certain wildly popular theme parks), you deserve a chance to stretch out a little more.

Enter Inlet Beach: secluded, intimate, and gloriously uncrowded. The best part?

You can connect with natural oceanside beauty without having to go totally off-grid because Inlet Beach has a cozy downtown with plenty of restaurants and boutique options for dinners out and daytime shopping.

3. Dune Allen

Ariel View of Dune Allen in 30A Florida

Dune Allen is home to multiple coastal dune lakes, which are only found in a few places in the world.

In other words, it’s an absolute dream for anyone who has a passion for nature and loves exploring rare, visually striking (read: Instagrammable) landscapes.

And you’ll be close to 4 state parks for pretty much any outdoor activity you can imagine.

4. Seacrest Beach

Like the other 30A communities, Seacrest Beach offers plenty to do (or not do, if you’d rather sunbathe on the beach with an iced sweet tea and a good book).

You can expect a lively downtown arts and culture scene paired with plenty of outdoor activity options.

This makes it a perfect spot for families or friend groups that have mixed interests because there’s something for everyone.

5. Seagrove Beach

View of Seagrove Beach in 30A

Seagrove Beach is beautiful, and it’s also a great place to bring kids and teens.

In addition to frolicking on the beach, your family can learn more about marine life and ecosystems through activities like snorkeling and dolphin cruises.

Seagrove Beach has a bustling downtown, yet still provides connection to the outdoors– like the rest of the 30A communities, there’s an abundance of preserved natural beauty for you to explore.

6. Grayton Beach

In addition to being close to Grayton Beach State Park, the historic community of Grayton Beach is known for its eclectic, laid-back downtown area and excellent dining options.

For example, The Red Bar is a classic, famous-for-a-reason Grayton Beach spot that hosts live music every night and serves up fantastic Southern food (shrimp, crawfish, grits, inventive pasta dishes, and more).

7. WaterColor

View of Lake in Watercolor 30A

Close to Point Washington State Forest, WaterColor is an ideal 30A community for anyone who loves hiking through lush, green surroundings.

And like Grayton Beach, it’s close to Western Lake– one of the largest dune lakes– so you can fish, kayak, and explore a rare ecosystem.

Plus, from live music to bike tours, there’s always something to do in WaterColor’s fun and creative downtown area. 

So now we want to know…

Which 30A community do you think will be the best fit for YOUR family?

It can be hard to choose, but luckily, your options are open.

Since the communities are so close to each other, you can start by choosing the best 30A beachside vacation rental for your family.

Then, plan day trips or outdoor excursions to other 30A communities so you won’t miss out on any of the fun, culture, and nature each one has to offer.

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