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Hiking & Biking

Hiking & Biking

Top Destinations for the Best Hiking and Biking in the US

For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than fresh air and being surrounded by nature. Take the family on a scenic bike ride through peaceful countryside, plan a strenuous trek to the summit, or find your way through the forest. Hiking or biking is an amazing way to unplug and be one with nature, whether solo or with a group.

Hiking & Biking the Beach

Making your way through the sand with ocean waves crashing – there’s nothing quite like it. Enjoy the quiet solitude of an off-season beach trek, with minimal foot traffic and the ocean all to yourself. Or work up a sweat scaling scenic hills and seaside cliffs with panoramic views. Hike to the top of the largest living sand dune on the East Coast or power through miles of forest to emerge at the ocean. Relaxing in the sun and sand is the perfect reward for your hard work.

Hiking along the beach
Bike on the beachCliffside Trail

Hiking & Biking the Mountains

The mountains offer everything you could want when hiking or biking – beautiful scenery, a variety of terrain, and trails for everyone from beginner to expert. Hike along a meandering stream in search of wildlife, or pedal up steep terrain to a waterfall. Navigate slippery rocks when you wander off the beaten path, or follow a wide, well-traveled trail under a canopy of trees. Just remember, the steepest climbs often reward you with the best views.

Family-Friendly Hikes

Just because you have little ones in tow doesn’t mean you have to forgo nature. In fact, it makes it all the more meaningful to unplug and spend time with family in natural surroundings. Choose a short trail with a rewarding view, play in a creek along the way, or end a trek with a swim at the base of a waterfall. Trails on flat terrain, paved bike paths, and boardwalks all make it easy to enjoy nature with the kids.

Strenuous Trails

Physically demanding, strenuous, difficult terrain – are these words music to your ears? If you’re up for a challenge, try one of the hardest hikes in the US, known for difficult logistics, near impossible physical demands, risky natural elements, and unpredictable environmental factors. Or take your mountain bike to the extreme as you zip through canyons, coast over rocks, and race up mountains. The reward is in the exhilaration.

Who needs a car when you have your own two feet (or a bike)? Enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature with a scenic hike or bike ride. Then retreat to your luxury vacation home to rest your tired muscles. You earned it.

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