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How to Plan the Perfect Golf Outing on Your Vacation

Fresh cut grass, a straight shot to the green, the whoosh of the club slicing through the air. Golf is growing in popularity, and whether you’re new to it or have been playing for years, enjoying a round (or two, or three) on vacation is a no-brainer. Golfing is a great way to challenge yourself and have a good time with friends while enjoying the outdoors. With courses ranging from easy to challenging and featuring everything from state-of-the-art technology to idyllic scenery, there are many destinations to add to your list.

Most Beautiful Golf Courses

Why play a round just anywhere? Not all courses are created equally, so why not play on a golf course known for its picturesque surroundings? Drive the ball down a lush, tree-lined fairway while you enjoy views of rolling hills and mountains. Challenge yourself to hit the perfect shot amidst the distractions of acres of wilderness or dramatic ocean views. The most beautiful golf courses are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly weave world-class golf with the stunning natural landscape. As with any course, be sure to check that it is open to the public before reserving your tee time.

Golf with friends
Golf in the DesertWater Feature at Golf Course

Best Golf Destinations for Beginners

If you’re new to golf, it can be intimidating to try to select a course, book a tee time, and rent equipment if you need it. It can be even more stressful to set up a shot when more experienced players are watching you. Research ahead of time to select a short course or executive course, which are typically less expensive and quick to play. You can play more holes in less time, and these courses are often more welcoming. If you’re concerned about your ability level, look at tee options (you’ll want a forward tee less than 6,000 yards) or an overhead course map (to check fairway width, etc.) online beforehand.

Most Challenging Golf Courses

For the ultimate mental test, reserve a tee time at a complex course that challenges your thinking with unclear risk/reward scenarios and varied greens, rough, and bunkers. Narrow corridors and brutally steep slopes make skillful shots necessary. But many of these courses have beautiful views and just the right amount of difficulty to have you coming back for more. Besides, any golfer can make a course more difficult by choosing to play from the back tees.

Other Activities to Enjoy With a Round of Golf

When your game is over, what’s next? There’s more to your golf vacation than just golf. If you’ve worked up an appetite, dine at an upscale restaurant, then reward yourself for a stellar round of golf with a round of drinks at the bar. Relax with to a luxurious spa treatment to soothe tired muscles, or push yourself to the limit with more outdoor recreation, hiking, biking, and exploring the nature around you. If you’re near the ocean or lake, take a refreshing dip, rent a kayak or boat, and venture out on the water.

Whether a beginner or veteran golfer, adding a round of golf to your vacation can be a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. When choosing where to vacation, consider one of the best places for a golf trip in the US. Select your course and teeing option to match your skill level so you can be sure to enjoy your outing. Then schedule some rest, relaxation, and exploration of the surrounding area for a well-rounded experience.

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