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Fishing & Boating

Fishing & Boating

How Boating and Fishing Make For a Memorable Vacation

Bobbing in the waves, water sparkling in the sun, breeze in your hair – sounds like the perfect day, doesn’t it? When you plan a vacation around boating, floating, and fishing, you’re guaranteed to have a good time and create a boatload of memories. Whether your intention is to relax by the water, feel the ocean spray on your face as you speed across the waves, or beam with pride making the biggest catch of the day, there’s nothing quite like the joy of being on or near the water.


Whether ocean, bay, or lake, a day on the water can bring your endorphins to an all-time high. So imagine an entire vacation centered around the water. You might be feeling adventurous and ready to head far out into the ocean with a charter of anglers. Or you might enjoy the thrill of zipping along the bay on a speedboat or JetSki. Or maybe casually floating on a laid-back pontoon boat on the lake, where you’re guaranteed to see the shore the entire time, is more your speed. Whether fast-paced or slow, heading out on a boat during your vacation is one way to guarantee scenic views and tons of fun.

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Fly fishing mountainsBoats in harbor

Deep-Sea Fishing

Fishing from the beach is a relaxing pastime, but speeding out into the deep blue sea to reach a destination miles from shore is an unforgettable experience. Reserve a deep-sea fishing charter to spend the day surrounded by nothing but the ocean. Bait and tackle to catch sunfish, sailfish, marlin, tuna, or snapper. While patiently waiting for your first bite, be on the lookout for wildlife surfacing from the deep waters, like dolphins, porpoises, and whales. The best deep-sea fishing destinations guarantee a rewarding experience.

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Freshwater Fishing

While deep-sea fishing in the ocean is an angler‘s dream, freshwater fishing is for everyone. No need for a long boat ride to get to your fishing destination. You really don’t even need to get on the boat, if you’re the type to get seasick. You can fish right from the shore. No fancy fishing charters required either. You can cast a line right from your boat, kayak, or canoe. And while you fish, you can enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you, whether that be rugged mountains, lush forests, steep cliffs, or sandy shorelines.

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Parent teaching daughter to fishDad teaching son to fish


If you want to be in the center of the action, plan a day of fly-fishing. Slip on your waders, secure your lightweight fly, and trudge into the water. It can be quite the challenge to make your way over slippery rocks in a strong current, find your footing, and sturdily balance while you cast your line. But the exhilaration of being right in the river and the invigorating feeling when you reel in your catch is worth the effort. Plus, your spot right in the river affords up close and personal views of wildlife, from osprey and eagles to deer and bears.

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To add some fun to your vacation, plan a day of fishing or boating. Enjoy a carefree morning with your rod and reel or an invigorating day of intense fishing. Relax on a scenic sunset cruise on the lake, explore the bay on a speedboat (or from the tube it’s pulling), or brave the ocean on a deep-sea fishing trip. No matter how you choose to enjoy the water, you won’t be sorry. Just be sure to find the perfect vacation rental to retreat after a day of adventure.

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