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Hunting For Treasure: Best Places to Go Antiquing Across the Country

If you think browsing unique shops to find a special, one-of-a-kind item is a better way to find a souvenir than selecting a magnet from a touristy store, plan an antiquing adventure on your next vacation. Hey – those magnets and mugs definitely have their place. But when someone visits your home, compliments your vintage vase, and asks where you got it, you can beam with pride as you tell them the story of rummaging through bins and shelves to find that unique treasure. And every time you look at that special item, you’ll remember your amazing trip and the treasure hunt that led you to it.

Why You Should Go Antiquing

When visiting a new place, it’s not very exciting to find the same items in the same stores that you have at home. Get a feel for the local arts, history, and culture of your destination by spending some quality time at the independent shops and restaurants that make the town unique. Shop local to support hardworking small business owners, and have fun finding a unique treasure that tells a story. Make someone else’s trash your treasure, or find a one-of-a-kind collectible hidden in the depths of an antique shop. You never know what you might find, and that’s half the fun.

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Best Antiquing Spots in Big Cities

Planning an urban getaway? America’s big cities still have a ton of small-town charm in their historic districts and on bustling antique rows. Stroll down cobblestone streets and feel a sense of history as you hunt for treasures in one of the best antiquing cities in the country. Spend a day browsing in the antique district for 18th-century furniture, jewelry, vintage linens, silverware, clothing, artwork, and decor, and delight in finding a high-end collectible. Then take advantage of the vibrant city scene for eclectic cuisine, amazing live music, and abundant arts, culture, and history.

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Best Small Towns for Antiquing

Venture off the beaten path to a picturesque small town, where big-box and name-brand stores are replaced by mom-and-pop shops, and time stands still. Small towns often offer better deals than bigger cities and offer tons of charm, too. The quintessential small town invites you to search for unique finds in charming general stores and historic storefronts while enjoying the surrounding natural beauty of rolling hills, mountains, and waterfronts. Enter door after door of independent shops until you find the perfect memento. Round out your picking with a visit to a local flea market, where you’re sure to find more treasures.

Best Beach Towns for Antiquing

They may not be known for it, but there are some amazing beach towns for antiquing. Plan a trip to a beautiful resort town with a variety of antique stores all within walking distance. Search through an impressive selection of antiques, fine and decorative arts, period pieces, and vintage furnishings. Then dine at an award-winning restaurant and spend an evening at an upscale art gallery. Or visit the bustling downtown of a charming village nestled along a picturesque river.  Find that perfect nautical collectible at one of several quaint shops located in a historic building or in the huge showroom of an antique mall.

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One of the best ways to get a taste of the local culture when traveling is to go antique shopping. Support local small businesses, recycle and upcycle, and have a blast searching for buried treasures that will serve as a memento for an amazing trip.

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