Welcome to Austin


An inland city bordering Hill Country, this state capital offers a wide range of cultures and scenes. From live music to chill lakes, there’s something for almost everyone in Austin, TX. Home to the South by Southwest Conference & Festivals, as well as the University of Texas, this location has become one of the most popular destinations in the U.S.

These are just a few of the reasons why Sharon Walker, of Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals, loves to call it home.

Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals

Price Range
Chef-ready Kitchens
Concierge Services
The 100 Collection of Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals

Imagine a portfolio of properties that has been curated by a whole team. When the CEO won’t agree to manage a home that her entire company isn’t proud to service, you end up offering only top-of-the-line properties with impeccable interiors. Having to select the best of the best for The 100 Collection actually presented a challenge for Walker Luxury because all of their properties are pretty consistent in terms of high end finishes and quality building materials.

Austin Texas Vacation
Fireplace outside vacation rentalWake Boarder at Vacation Rental
Services Offered
  • High-end linens
  • 24-hour phone support
  • Dining & Shopping recommendations
  • Concierge services (almost anything can be arranged upon request, either onsite at the property or in town)
Services Available
  • Breakfast taco & Bloody Mary bar delivery
  • Pre-arrival grocery and bar services
  • Backyard BBQ services
  • Airport transportation
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Boat rentals
  • Nanny services
  • Personal chef
  • Yoga lessons
  • Beauty services
  • Personal Trainer services
  • Guided hike & picnic
Doyen of Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals
Profile picture for Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker
Owner and Founder
Favorite Restaurants
Tomodachi and Red Ash, Loro for a more casual experience
Favorite Shops
Adorn, Impeccable Pig, Wildflower Organics, Lizzylu
Favorite Desserts
Eddie V’s (Godiva chocolate cake), Red Ash (Hot Chocolate Gianduja Cake)
Favorite thing about Austin
Boating (Sharon loves wake-surfing on Lake Austin)

“It’s not every day the VP of Apple and VP of Google knock on your door because they need a place to stay,” says Sharon. “But that’s sort of what happened in 2010 because there weren’t enough accommodations available that year during SXSW.”