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The 100 Collection(TM) is an independent evaluation program that awards a distinguished imprint to the top vacation rentals. These vacation rentals must be managed by companies setting the gold standard for hospitality excellence based on quality, cleanliness and safety.
Our evaluation program was established by a peer-to-peer network of respected leaders in the vacation rental industry. In an effort to bring consistency and accountability for the guest experience, we began an award system that acknowledges top tier brands in each destination.

We also hope to increase awareness among vacation rental guests that there are professionals behind these brands who make it their full-time job to ensure they:

  • Meet or exceed 100% of their guests' expectations
  • Fulfill 100% of our standards for hospitality excellence
  • Are best representing their community 100% of the time

Our goal is to make sure the vacation rental brands we are introducing you to on this site will meet or exceed your expectations. The more you stay with them, the more you’ll realize there is a personal dedication to the level of service and quality in this collection, regardless of your destination.



The people behind the brands in the collection are trusted local leaders in their community. They not only have strong relationships with other local business owners, but they also care for their neighbors.

In fact, they've been known to personally help rebuild after hurricanes, provide supplies after fires and have even received awards for their philanthropic efforts.

This is why we refer to them as doyens and doyennes -- because they are the trusted experts who know and love the destination they call home.

Trusted People

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The 100 Collection imprint is awarded to select vacation rental properties demonstrating the highest standards of excellence in hospitality who follow this process:
1. Must be a locally owned / operated vacation rental company in good standing within their community may submit an application to Blue Cedar Partners.

2. The application will be reviewed using standards set by our Advisory Board, which is a group of award-winning company owners, respected veterans of the industry, and accomplished hospitality leaders.

3. Approved companies submit a hand-curated selection of their top properties for review. Each property undergoes a thorough vetting process for safety, cleanliness and quality.

Only the properties that best represent the local experience for their destination will be able to display the imprint for The 100 Collection.


All of the properties that are part of The 100 Collection have passed the same quality, cleanliness and safety criteria - so guests can experience consistency from one destination to the next. The brands caring for these properties ensure that guests feel the personalized touch during their stay.

Properties in the collection are in locations that best represent the full experience of that destination. Standards such as king size pillows for king sized beds and carbon monoxide detectors in homes with gas are a mandatory requirement. The property descriptions have also been verified for consistency with how the property represents in real life.

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