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What Amenities Are in Big Canoe, Georgia in 2023

What Amenities Are in Big Canoe, Georgia in 2023

For those seeking a peaceful retreat amongst the Blue Ridge Mountains, Big Canoe is an idyllic spot for relaxation and adventure. This mountain community boasts stunning views, plus plenty of attractions to explore—including championship golf courses and hiking trails.

You’ll also find unique dining options that will tantalize your taste buds as well as exclusive services at this incredible destination within just one hour from Atlanta. Whether you are looking to get away with family or reconnecting with nature solo, Big Canoe promises memories that last a lifetime.

Blog Summary

  • Experience the beauty & challenge of championship golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools in Big Canoe, GA.
  • Explore 25 miles of hiking trails & 3 waterfalls or go fishing/boating on 5 lakes for an outdoor adventure.
  • Enjoy local restaurants, exclusive services from Mountain Home Rentals of Georgia and stunning venues for unforgettable gatherings.

Exploring Big Canoe's Community Amenities

A view of Big Canoe's championship golf courses with a golf cart included

The Big Canoe community is a private gated property owners association with bountiful amenities designed to please all ages. From championship golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools that can be accessed for a fee per day or hour in the stunning North Georgia Mountains – there’s something here to occupy your time during your stay. The incredible mountain views make cabin rentals ideal. Making sure you get the full experience of what this unique vacation has to offer at Big Canoe.

Championship Golf Courses

Golfers will be delighted to discover Big Canoe’s three Joe Lee-designed championship golf courses - Creek, Choctaw and Cherokee. All of these nine hole spectacularly crafted tracks are embedded in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains scenery, offering a fun yet demanding experience for all types of players. Plus, there is no need to worry about getting around with your cart rental fee included when you buy a round on any course here!

This tranquil North Georgia destination has even more to offer outside its remarkable links. It also features an 18-hole driving range and pro shop available at just $35 per day.

Tennis, Pickleball, and Bocce Courts

Big Canoe provides the perfect opportunity for an exciting game of tennis, pickleball or bocce year round. With 14 courts – a mix of indoor and outdoor with clay and hard surfaces - all at reasonable prices you can enjoy these activities regardless your budget.

The Racquet Club offers even more attractions such as private & group lessons plus weekly clinics on top their pro shop housed in one court. Those watching from the large stone patio can later take part in beach volleyball right near by where a sandy beach awaits them too.

Swimming Pools and Beach Club

Big Canoe offers various swimming pools and beach clubs that make the perfect places to relax, cool off or have a blast. For example, you can head over to Lake Disharoon’s Beach Club with its $15 fee for daily use. There is also Wildcat Pool charging just $6 and an indoor pool available at a cost of only ten dollars.

You won’t be disappointed as Big Canoe’s marina near Lake Petit grants access to rent pontoon boats along with paddleboats – ideal when exploring this gated community! Be sure not miss out on inflatable water park fun too - no matter what activity floats your boat (pun intended) it’ll surely satisfy all members in the family.

Outdoor Adventures in Big Canoe

A view of Big Canoe's hiking trails and waterfalls

Big Canoe in North Georgia is the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts. With over 25 miles of hiking trails, three waterfalls and excellent fishing and boating spots, you can explore this picturesque mountain community with your friends or family by lacing up those hiking boots or hopping on a bike! There’s also the off-roading Jeep Trail where visitors are able to take in preserved buildings as well as amazing mountain views.

To top it all off Amicalola Falls State Park isn’t too far away (only 15 miles!), so make sure you don’t miss out on its vast array of outdoor activities – an opportunity not to be missed! Come experience Big Canoe. Get ready to reconnect with nature while making lasting memories.

Hiking Trails and Waterfalls

Spend your Big Canoe vacation exploring its extensive network of hiking trails, winding through 25 miles in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains. Encompassing lush forests and wetlands as well as small waterfalls three breathtaking cascades are not to be missed: Nature Valley Park, Disharoon Creek Valley Trail and Upper Jeep Trail.

Nature Valley Park which showcases a delightful old log cabin complete with a functioning water wheel! Be aware that navigating this terrain may present some slippery rock slides along the way. Experience nature at its best while discovering all these incredible sites - get your hiking boots ready for an awe-inspiring adventure only available on a trip to Big Canoe!

Fishing and Boating on Big Canoe Lakes

Big Canoe is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The five lakes of the area are teeming with bass, bream and crappie as well as rainbow trout—all ready to be caught by avid anglers or newcomers alike! For those looking to cast their line into Lake Petit, Lake Sconti or even the majestic Disharoon then you must get your daily permit from nearby Lake Petit Marina.

For those preferring something more aquatic than just casting their reel will enjoy Big Canoe’s many boating activities such pontoon boat rentals at affordable prices. Minimum charge is two hours starting at $100 per hour. Whether it’s an afternoon out on one of its waters setting sail in style aboard a rented watercraft amidst breathtaking views –or simply getting lost in nature while catching some fish–you won’t regret making time to explore this special place full of extraordinary adventures accessible via alluring waterways like never before seen!

Mountain Biking and Jeep Trail

For an adrenaline-filled day of discovery, Big Canoe has the perfect activity, a Jeep Trail experience. With beautiful mountain views and historic buildings to explore along the way, this unique journey through North Georgia will be one you won’t soon forget. You can even take it easy with a leisurely stroll if that’s more your speed!

But wait– there’s still more excitement in store for outdoor adventurers at Big Canoe! The area boasts an array of incredible mountain biking trails designed for riders all skill levels. Challenge yourself as you traverse the hillsides and admire breathtaking scenery within sight of picturesque North Georgia Mountains. Don’t miss out on these amazing experiences during your visit to Big Canoe!

Dining and Shopping Options in Big Canoe

A view of Big Canoe's local restaurants and grocery store

After a full day of outdoor activities, your appetite will certainly be stimulated. No worries – Big Canoe provides an assortment of eating choices to accommodate any preference. You can find anything from laid-back snacks to more sophisticated dining experiences right within the bounds of this vibrant community. There’s also lots for shopping nearby so you won’t lack in convenience and comfort when visiting here!

If it’s hearty grub after hiking or just some refreshments that quench your thirst you’re longing for, then take advantage of all Big Canoe has on offer as far as food is concerned: great tastes abound no matter where you choose dine during your stay at these parts!

Local Restaurants

Big Canoe boasts an impressive selection of restaurants that offer a variety of scrumptious foods. Some top options include the Big Canoe Clubhouse, Home Restaurant, Sourwood and Fuego Mexican Grill. You can savor many different cuisines like American, Italian or Mexican so you’re sure to find something to tantalize your taste buds!

To delicious food selections each restaurant in Big Canoe is truly unique with great features such as outdoor seating for dining under the sun while enjoying spectacular views and live music which creates a delightful atmosphere. All these experiences make for amazing memories that will only enhance your time spent at this wonderful place - don’t forget indulge yourself while visiting all the gastronomic possibilities available within Big canoe!

Grocery Store and Delivery Services

Big Canoe offers a variety of solutions for those looking to provide their own meals and stock up on essentials. Residents can find Ingles Super Market and Kroger nearby, where they can purchase an assortment of groceries or household items. If desired, there are also delivery services available that serve the Big Canoe area, simply check with any store for availability options. These amenities make staying at Big Canoe simple so visitors have more time to enjoy their getaway!

Exclusive Services and Events in Big Canoe

A view of Big Canoe's Mountain Home Rentals of Georgia services

A visit to the enchanting mountain community of Big Canoe should be elevated with exclusive services and events from Mountain Home Rentals of Georgia. Enjoy luxurious guest experiences, private chefs, event planning and massage therapy for a truly unforgettable stay in this breathtaking area.

The vibrant Big Canoe community offers an array of activities all year long! Take advantage of conferences, celebrations as well as discounted pontoon rentals - it’s the perfect place to create magical memories on your big canoe vacation. Make sure you don’t miss out these extraordinary opportunities offered by such a unique mountain paradise !

Mountain Home Rentals of Georgia Services

For a truly unforgettable Big Canoe vacation, Mountain Home Rentals of Georgia can make sure you get all the luxury services and amenities you desire. Owned by Deborah Joy Torrance and Wynn Jones, this company offers cozy homes or properties for rent as well as other top-notch services such private chefs to cook exquisite meals in your home, grocery delivery, beautiful decorations on special occasions like birthdays or holidays.

And massage therapy that will help you relax during your stay. Book with them directly or visit their website so they can customize a luxurious experience tailored specifically to meet every one of your needs!

Event Planning and Venues

An image showcasing the various amenities available at Big Canoe for event planning and venues, including what amenities are in Big Canoe such as a swimming pool, tennis court, and hiking trails.

At Big Canoe, you’ll find a range of picturesque event locations like the Clubhouse and Chapel. The Clubhouse includes an onsite restaurant, bar, and banquet hall, perfect for any special function. Meanwhile the chapel offers its own charming features such as an enclosed prayer room, spacious reception area with kitchen facilities, it’s great choice to host weddings or other important affairs.

For those wanting to plan events here Mountain Home Rentals in Georgia are available help ensure your experience at Big Canoe is nothing short of spectacular whether that be conferences , parties or intimate gatherings alike.

Big Canoe Rental Options

A view of Big Canoe's cabin rentals

Big Canoe is a stunning mountain community that offers an incredible variety of rental accommodations to suit any taste and budget. With convenient access to all the great amenities, as well as gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains, you can easily find your perfect place for your Big Canoe vacation here! From cozy cabins to luxurious homes - there’s something suitable for everyone among Mountain Home Rentals of Georgia selection or Southern Comfort Rentals.

No matter which one you pick – each property ensures comfort and unforgettable memories in this picturesque setting. So take time selecting what suits best with respect to personal needs and preferences, it will certainly make your stay even more special!

Visit Big Canoe, an Unforgettable Get Away!

Tucked away in the North Georgia Mountains lies Big Canoe, an outstanding getaway destination. With its stunning scenery and Mountain Home Rentals of Georgia providing specialized services, you can create everlasting memories on a unique journey to this mountain community. This marvelous retreat offers plenty of outside fun activities as well as appealing amenities for everyone to enjoy.

So why not take the chance and discover all that Big Canoe has to offer? Here among lush hillsides your vacation will be remarkable with warm hospitality ready at every corner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Big Canoe have a pool?

At Big Canoe, there are two separate pools available for use. The outdoor pool offers an amazing view of Lake Disharoon and the Wildcat Recreation Center has another one suitable for adults and children alike. Both offer a great way to have fun in the sun!

Does Big Canoe have an indoor pool?

At Big Canoe, there is a sizable indoor pool measuring 75-feet long and 3 to 5 feet in depth. This 100,000-gallon swimming area is kept at an agreeable temperature of 84.5 degrees for swimmers’ comfort.

What is it like to live in Big Canoe?

Big Canoe is an ideal location for individuals, families and retirees who enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, golfing, boating or hiking. It has a charming atmosphere that was the recipient of several awards making it even more attractive to potential residents. Its extensive selection of trails lets you experience nature at your own pace in any season!

What types of outdoor activities are available in Big Canoe?

Big Canoe provides an abundance of activities in the great outdoors to suit everybody. Take a walk, go fishing or take up mountain biking and off-roading on the Jeep Trail - it’s all here for you! With so many exciting ways to explore nature, Big Canoe will certainly not leave your free time bored.

Are there any golf courses in Big Canoe?

At Big Canoe, golfers can experience the challenge of championship-level courses over nine holes. Three unique yet equally exciting options are offered: Creek, Choctaw and Cherokee.

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